How will massage therapy benefit me?

With professional massage therapy you can experience relief from mental, physical as well as spiritual health concerns. Massage is a natural healing process that can deliver both physical and emotional benefits. Our treatments are unique and customized to meet your exact needs!

How old does a person need to be to receive massage therapy?

Any age! Massage therapy treatments are effective from birth until palliative care stages. It really is great for everyone’s overall health.

Will I experience muscle soreness following a massage therapy treatment?

Most people say they feel very relaxed, and often experience significant relief from aches, pains and stress after a massage session. Some people however, especially those who require deep-tissue massage, experience mild muscle soreness which may last a day or two. Once the soreness is gone, they often notice heightened energy levels and an increased range of motion.

Will my extended healthcare plan cover the costs of massage therapy treatments?

Yes! Most extended healthcare plans include massage therapy and some even have online billing. Some plans ask you to first receive a physician’s referral, so feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you determine your plan’s coverage.

Do you offer massage gift certificates?

We do! For special occasions, holidays or just a well needed destresser therapeutic massages are a great way to show someone how much you care! For details please visit my gift certificate page.

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

A holistic nutritionist is a healthcare professional who can assess your current state of health and make suggestions to assist you in reaching your health and wellness goals.

How can a holistic nutritionist help me?

A holistic nutritionist takes into consideration your lifestyle, your job, family life, current nutrition and fitness level, and works with you by creating a plan or program to follow.  

What results can I expect when working with Natalie?

Each appointment is individualized based on your goals. We will discuss what is working and no longer working for you. We will make changes to diet (that agree with you) supplements (if needed) and exercise/lifestyle changes. You can always expect that I will be working for you and with you, providing you with the most up to date information, education and support.

Do extended health benefits cover nutritional consults?

Some providers cover the services for nutritional consults, however, each provider is different. You can check with your provider to confirm if the services for nutritional consults would be covered. We would also be happy to provide you with estimates that you can submit to your provider.