About Me

Hi! I’m Natalie!

I’m a coffee & outdoor loving mom of 2.

I have been a practicing RMT since 2008, a certified Yoga instructor since 2011 and a Holistic Nutritionist since 2015, and I currently specialize in Women’s Health.

I have many years of experience with metabolic health disorders, hormone imbalances, pre & post natal nutrition, family meal planning, sports nutrition and functional movement.

I am the Co-founder of The Stress Less Method, a program designed to teach women how to shift their mindset around food and exercise to learn how to nourish and love the body they’re in.

My journey began in 2008 when I graduated from Centennial College and registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). Shortly after that I began practicing in Uxbridge, Ontario!

What I noticed during my early years as a Massage Therapist, was how much pain & stress my clients were under.

I decided to become a Certified Yoga Instructor in hopes the added stretching and mindfulness techniques would help my clients elevate their health.

It was such a wonderful compliment to the treatments I was already providing, but there was a missing link.

I began to dive deeper into nutrition, how food, supplements & mindset affected the physical body; positively & negatively.

It was in 2012 I went back to school for Nutrition and graduated in 2015 with my Diploma in Holistic Nutrition.

I have always been intrigued with supporting the body on a cellular level, from pregnancy and infant health, all the way to sports nutrition.

Nutrition became the fundamental missing element that could elevate my clients health.

Adding in mindfulness, stress relieving techniques and proper nutrition & supplements, I could bring clients to a whole new level of health & well being.

Even though I work with all walks of life, my area of focus quickly became Women’s Health.
Being a mom myself, I realized how exhausted and drained Moms can be when they are trying to be everything to their family.

I now specialize in Women’s Health through nutrition, bringing women back from the stressed out, burnout version of themselves, to a thriving, happy and energetic them.


  • Earned my Diploma and Graduated from The Edison Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2015
  • Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP) and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) – certified with the IONC (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants) Since 2015
  • Certified Yoga Instructor since 2011
  • RMT registered with CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario) and a member of the RMTAO (Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario) From 2008-2021

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